Serum Shampoo

The modern lifestyle, exposure to pollution, and extreme weather conditions have made us prone to a range of hair problems. From extreme dryness to brittle hair, scalp irritation to greying, and more, lack of nourishment in the hair can be damaging in several ways. Organic and natural Serum shampoo is a permanent solution to prevent such problems. While most of the products in the market are rich with harsh chemicals in them, Yuval Natural organic and natural shampoo is 100% chemical-free.

The organic serum shampoo helps you get rid of the dirt, dust, grime ad other pollutants in the hair and at the same time also replenish the lost nourishment. Rich with nutrients, the shampoo has a conditioning effect on your hair which makes it soft and more manageable. Tested for efficacy, the shampoo has no side effects which mean you can enjoy your hair washing time without finding broken hair on your hands. It cleans and nourishes the hair strands offering you a lustrous hairline.

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