Organic Heena

Coloring the hair with henna has been a long-standing trend. If you enjoy getting the natural color of henna but fear the side effects of the chemically made modern henna products, the organic henna powder is the solution Made with natural henna leaves, the product is organic with no proven side effects on the skin and hair. The abundance of Lawson, a burgundy organic compound that bonds with protein and hence gives the color, in the organic henna offers you the brightest of the color. Not only the organic henna helps you color your hair but it is a great way to repair and seal the cuticle which helps in repairing the hair shaft and preventing hair breakage. Organic henna powder is also a great moisturizing agent and helps you get silky, shiny, and soft hair. Buy organic henna for hair from Yuval Natural and get the perfect color for your healthy tresses.

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